3 Tips for Getting Rid of Nausea

3 Tips for Getting Rid of Nausea

Today I'm going to teach you how to stop nausea in three steps, without a trip to the drug store.


Step One: Change Your View

Open up a window to get some fresh air, and if you're in a moving vehicle, keep your eyes fixed on a point in the horizon, that way, even if everything is moving around you, your body can still find its equilibrium.

Step Two: Look for Some Ginger, Peppermint, or Lemon

Now, something that's artificially flavored like one of these, isn't going to help, but if you can find some real ginger ale, a slice of lemon, or some peppermint tea, those can all help soothe an upset stomach.

Step Three: Apply Acupressure

There is a point called the P6 point that is located three fingers' widths below your wrist crease, right between the two central tendons. You can apply pressure to this point yourself in a pinch by simply pressing with your thumb. You have to press on both arms for this technique to be effective. This is kind of an awkward posture, so I recommend you get yourself a pair of acupressure wrist bands, like Blisslets, that you can keep around for those moments when you're not feeling great.
In the video, I'm wearing the Elena and Grace pair and you can get them for yourselves at myblisslets.com.
I hope you start feeling better soon!
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