Blisslets road trip without car sickness

5 Essentials For Traveling with Nausea

Summer is here, and the cross-country trip you’ve been planning for months is around the corner. But are you prepared for motion sickness? Don’t let nausea stop you from your next adventure. Follow these 5 tips, and you will be ready for anything.

Avoid nausea during your road trip or other travel

1. Know yourself

Some people get sick at the mere thought of a long car ride, but have no problems with trains. Same thing for boats vs. planes. Check out transportation alternatives and increase your chances of a comfortable trip.

Apple slices and other light foods can prevent the onset of nausea

2. Plan your meals

Eat an easily digestible meal 30 minutes to an hour before leaving, and pack light snacks (toast, crackers, apple slices) or a bag lunch to tide you over until you reach your destination. Eat small meals frequently and don’t let yourself get famished, or stuck with no option other than greasy fast food.

Rest stops can keep nausea at bay

3. Take breaks

Fresh air and solid ground beneath your feet can help you maintain equilibrium during long car trips. Get out of the car regularly at rest stops, or at least open the window for a breeze while focusing your eyes on the horizon.

Emergency travel bag for when nausea strikes

4. Pack an emergency bag

Bring absorbent towels, baby wipes, disposable plastic bags (for dirty towels and clothes), plenty of water (for re-hydration and cleaning), a change of clothes, and hand sanitizer. It’s better to be over-prepared than under.

Wear Blisslets to prevent nausea

5. Keep a pair of acupressure bracelets handy 

Stick a pair of acupressure bracelets, such as Blisslets, in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment—anywhere and everywhere you might need them if nausea strikes suddenly. If you expect to feel nauseated, start wearing the bracelets before heading out. Pressure on the P6 acupoint is clinically proven to help manage feelings of nausea without need for medication, and is most effective if used before the onset of nausea.
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