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CNBC's Top 7 Picks at the Travel Goods Show: Blisslets and Other Cool Gear

The Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas is an industry-only convention featuring the latest in travel gear and gadgets. CNBC has compiled a short list of some of the most noteworthy products at this year's convention, including Blisslets among their choices:

"CNBC got a preview of the products that will be introduced and available at the show and picked a handful of innovative, useful and truly unusual items we think travelers might enjoy. . . .  Travelers susceptible to motion sickness in cars, on planes or on cruise ships often turn to drugs or to tell-tale sets of nausea-relief acupressure bracelets. Blisslets are a fashionable, jewelry-style version of those bracelets, with designs for both men and women."

Click here to read the full article and see the rest of the list, which includes items like luggage that weighs itself and finger print-activated locks.