Do You Know How Dizziness Works?

Do You Know How Dizziness Works?

Everyone experiences dizziness from time to time, but when feeling off-balance becomes a regular thing, it may be a sign of vestibular disorder. VeDA, the Vestibular Disorder Association, has designated May 17 through 23 as Steps 2 Balance week in order to spread awareness, increase support for people experiencing vestibular problems, and create an opportunity for those with a vestibular condition to challenge themselves on their journey back to balance. To learn more about participating in Steps 2 Balance, click here.

Acupressure bracelets like Blisslets can be part of your strategy for mitigating symptoms associated with a lack of balance, but many wonder how exactly dizziness works. VeDA created this great info-graphic to explain: 

If you are suffering from a vestibular condition visit for more information.

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