Fighting Seasickness With Your Diet

Fighting Seasickness With Your Diet

The fight against motion sickness often has to be carried out on many fronts, including how you eat. Sailing Blowin' in the Wind is a new YouTube channel featuring a family of 6 living aboard a 28' engineless sailboat, committed to simple, natural living. Their latest episode features some amazing tips for implementing a nausea-fighting diet, including one common backyard weed that "makes and enormous difference in how much motion sickness we experience."

 We were thrilled to appear in this channel because as soon as we discovered it, we fell in love with the simple yet beautiful approach to life this family is practicing, and how they document the unique joys and challenges it brings. We're so glad they love Blisslets just as much!

A Note About Children's Sizes

We often get emails about whether we are planning to release a kids collection. We do eventually plan to have specific designs for kids, but did you know that our existing size small Blisslets will fit many children? As the kids say in the above video, they love wearing them!

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