Having Trouble Sleeping? Acupressure Helps Insomnia, Studies Show.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Acupressure Helps Insomnia, Studies Show.

Blisslets acupressure bracelets relieve insomnia on the beach

Travelers and pregnant mamas already know that acupressure wristbands help relieve nausea from motion sickness and morning sickness, but did you know they can help with insomnia as well? 

We at Blisslets were excited to see this recent article from the People's Pharmacy (Terry Graedon, PhD, medical anthropologist) highlighting the effectiveness of acupressure wristbands in relieving some forms of sleep disorders.

How many of us haven't passed an occasional night staring at the clock, hoping for sleep to come? For some, the condition becomes a regular occurance, with lack of sleep leading to difficulty concentrating on daily tasks, missed days of work, and increased risk of accidents on the road. Insomnia is not only uncomfortable; it is dangerous for your health as well. 

Behavioral modifications can help as a first line approach to better sleep.

Limiting caffeine and alcohol, avoiding blue-light-emitting screens in the evening (cell phones, computers), moderating room temperature, and getting sufficient exercise during the day can all help. But when these aren't enough, is your only option to reach for a pill? 

Not at all. A number of studies linked to by the People's Pharmacy article demonstrate the effectiveness of acupressure wristbands in improving sleep duration and quality for target populations including adolescents, the elderly, and pregnant women. 

Looking to try acupressure to help your own insomnia?

We recommend the Blisslets "Sierra Collection" of acupressure bands for women and the "Wind and Waves Collection" of acupressure bands for both men and women. Both are made from super soft elastics to be extra comfortable for sleep.

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