Two Free Tools for Managing Your Nausea

Two Free Tools for Managing Your Nausea

Two free downloads to help you improve your symptoms of recurrent nausea, naturally.

If you suffer from morning sickness, an extended period of illness, or are undergoing a medical treatment such as chemotherapy that leaves you feeling nauseated on a regular basis, you may benefit from keeping a nausea diary to identify when you are feeling your best, and what you can do to increase those feel-good stretches.

Nausea and vomiting journal


We here at Blisslets have designed a tool for you to record your daily activities (sleeping and eating habits) and track their effects on your nausea and vomiting symptoms ("NV").

Download these two forms:

a. Daily Activities

b. NV Episodes

Nausea Journal Instructions

Fill both of these forms for a period of 5 days (saving a copy of each day). At the end of this period compare your answers/scores. 

The data you have gathered will help you find patterns (sleeping routines, eating habits) that may be triggering or alleviating your symptoms. If you detect a decrease of the NV level on a specific day, go back to your daily activity form for that day and see what you ate and what your sleeping habits were. Repeat as needed to see how modifications you make change how you feel. You can also use the journaling method to test how anti-nausea home remedies (acupressure, ginger, etc.) or anti-nausea medications affect your nausea and vomiting, so you can hone in on the treatments that work best for you.

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