Blisslets in the News Again . . . With The Jet Set

Blisslets in the News Again . . . With The Jet Set

Some more big news for Blisslets this week. It's been less than two months since the official launch of, but already the press is paying attention. This week, The Jet Set travel talk show airs on 210 TV networks in 12 countries with a feature on Blisslets.  

We are thrilled. Co-host Nikki Noya sums up nicely why Blisslets are the perfect travel accessory: "You don't want to waste your trip not feeling great." This is exactly why we created Blisslets--so you can enjoy your travels or wherever you are in life without nausea ruining it for you. In case you wanted to check out Nikki's favorite Blisslet (with the "equestrian" look, as she says!) here's the link to the Sydney + Alex Blisslets pair

I continued to be surprised how often I meet people who tell me they have suffered from extreme nausea for an ongoing period of time--perhaps car sickness extending back to their childhood, or months of morning sickness without relief--who have not yet heard that acupressure is clinically proven to help relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Even better though are the conversations I have with such people after they try Blisslets for the first time, when they tell me how grateful they are to finally experience relief. 

If you know someone like this, someone suffering from motion sickness, nausea during pregnancy, chemo nausea, vertigo or migraine-related nausea, share the news. Blisslets fight nausea and vomiting with drug-free acupressure--and they look good, too.

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