Our 2021 Travel Wish List

Our 2021 Travel Wish List

Woman in Phi Phi Island on a boat wearing Blisslets nausea relief bracelets for seasickness


With 2020 behind us and the first vaccines being rolled out, many are starting to think about traveling again. If you're like me, daydreaming about the places you'll go once this is all over has become a habit, but what about getting a list dsown and starting to plan something for real?

If you're looking for some 2021 travel ideas for later in the year, plus some things you might need to keep in mind even if you already have immunity, read on.

Before You Go: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Keep yourself and others safe: Even you've already had the vaccine or recovered from the virus, the Wall Street Journal reports that scientists don't know yet whether "Covid vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus, or . . . they just protect you from getting sick." Take precautions accordingly.
  • Find the Quarantine Rules for Your Desired Destination: The last thing you want is to discover last minute that you can't travel because you didn't consider the travel restrictions applicable to other countries or states. This handy map from Kayak.com shows travel restrictions by country for most places around the world. It's worth noting that many countries are currently fully open, including most of the Caribbean. You can find further details from embassies, airlines, and travel agencies. If you're traveling within the US, this page has details about travel restrictions by state.
  • Get Travel Insurance: If 2020 taught us anything, it's that things can change at a moment's notice. A country that's fully open today may be in full lockdown tomorrow. This list of travel insurance options from Forbes will help you protect your trip and finances from the unexpected.
  • Pack Your Blisslets! Covid or no Covid, nausea can take the joy out of a trip if you're not prepared. We are currently offering free US shipping on all orders, so get your Blisslets today. 

Our Top 2021 Travel Picks

Nayara Tented Camp hotel in Costa Rica

1. Costa Rica: According to Forbes, "Costa Rica has maintained one of the lowest Covid-19 fatality rates in Latin America and its government has been recognized for its successful management and containment of the virus." Moreover, as an ecotourism mecca that is currently open to travelers, Costa Rica offers excellent opportunities to visit a new place without having to spend a lot of time among crowds. Pictured above is the Nayara Tented Camp, for those who prefer to take in the sights of the rainforest and the Arenal Volcano amid a bit of luxury.

Alaska Hubbard Glacier seen from the sea

2. Alaska's Coast: The pandemic essentially cancelled Alaska's 2020 travel season, but local officials as well as cruise companies and small-boat lines are expressing (muted) optimism for later in 2021. It would be an ideal time to visit as crowds are likely to be small and the natural environment has had a year of rest with few tourists coming.

Giraffes have breakfast with family at Giraffe Manor in Kenya

3. Kenya: 2021 can be a great time to visit Kenya. According to Melissa Biggs Bradley of Indagare: "I was able to get into properties like Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, as well as normally impossible-to-book places in the bush." Bradley says the country is doing a good job handling Covid, including its testing requirements and temperature taking, plus it's wide-open landscapes make social distancing easy.

Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle  in Disney World

4. Disney World: While exotic destinations are awesome, a bit of Disney magic can be just what we all need this year! While some draws such as parades and shows may be on hiatus, crowds have been relatively low, so if you have immunity to Covid, it may be a perfect time to visit. Find everything you need to plan your visit at disneytouristblog.com and check out our own nausea guide to the Magic Kingdom.

Coast of Dominica in the Caribbean

5. Dominica: Described by National Geographic as "a thrill-seeker’s dream," this Caribbean island boasts "nine active volcanoes, 365 rivers, towering waterfalls, black sand beaches, and blistering-hot geothermal features like Boiling Lake," among other marvels. If adventure tourism is your thing, Dominica may be the perfect option and has hotels for all budgets.

I hope these options give you some ideas as we collectively start imagining life post-Covid. In the mean time, we wish you health, happiness, and a nausea-free time.


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