Striking Back Against Chronic Carsickness

Striking Back Against Chronic Carsickness

Kristi Allure is a YouTuber and former NBA dancer whose childhood tendency to get carsick came back with a vengeance during her 40s. After trying out Dramamine and Sea Bands (both of which helped but had some downsides) she shares in the video below why Blisslets have become her go-to option for nausea relief.

Make sure to watch the whole video to learn about okayu, the Japanese home remedy for motion sickness that her grandpa used to make for her when she was a child.

I'll add that we have no affiliate relationship with Kristi. She is simply a Blisslets user who wanted to share the bliss with her followers! You can follow her on YouTube and Instagram (@kristiallure) for great lifestyle tips and reviews.

After I discovered Kristi's video earlier this month, I decided to reach out and ask her a few more questions about her experience with Blisslets, and what it's like to be a pro NBA dancer!

BLISSLETS: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Kristi, we loved the video! Can you tell us a bit more about how you started struggling with motion sickness? 

KRISTI ALLURE: I’ve struggled with motion sickness, specifically in the car and most boats since I was kid and then dissipated through my 20’s & 30’s but it came back very strong in my 40’s. Now every time I’m not driving I start to feel it but some days worse than others. It used to be only when I looked down, but now it happens just by sitting in the passenger seat.

 B: How did you learn about acupressure as a nausea relief method?

KA: My mom used Sea Bands on her cruise years ago and mentioned how much they helped. Then my godmom sent me one last year after I mentioned how awful my motion sickness was getting. I saw an ad pop up on IG for Blisslets and I was sold! I disliked wearing the old-school wrist bands, especially going around town in my neighborhood of Newport Beach, California, so I knew I had to order the Blisslets if I was to continue going the acupressure route. As a beauty & fashion influencer it’s important for me to always accessorize my outfits!

B: You've mentioned you use a variety of approaches to keep your motion sickness in check. When you use acupressure, why do you choose it over other methods?

KA: At first I was using Dramamine, which was the only form of nausea relief I knew of that worked, but I didn't like that it made me sleepy—even the low drowsy one. I needed an alternative, which is what led me to acupressure!

B: Why did you decide to make the switch to Blisslets over your previous nausea relief band?

KA: I chose Blisslets because, like I stated earlier, I needed something that went with my style! I like to wear gold accessories even when I’m just running errands!

B: What are some of your favorite styles?

KA: I love the black ones with the gold and silver beads and the gold ones! The leather one is beautiful too, but I love the gold and black ones. I hope Blisslets adds more bling (especially gold) ones to the product lineup! I would love a black and gold one and a white and gold one!

B: What's your favorite story from your days as an NBA dancer? You probably have some good ones!

KA: Great question! The entire experience! Doing what I love in front of 17,000+ fans in my hometown was amazing! Going pro after spending my whole life training, and then meeting my best friends there, who are the most amazing women! So many great memories! Probably at the top is my first game, because I was right out if high school, and it was just unbelievable! I reached my dream at the time!

On my third year dancing, we went head to head with the Lakers in the Western Conference finals 2002, which almost led us to the finals for the first time! Most amazing playoffs ever. The crowd was insane! It was indescribable. I was the tumbler, and it was so fun for me running out there with screaming crazy cow bells and fans going wild! Biggest rush I’ve ever felt!

Years later I got to coach my mom with an amazing group of ladies in the first Senior NBA dance team!! My best friend was the director of the Sacramento kings dance team at the time, and we got to see our moms perform together at the games just like we had before! It was incredible! This is a special memory because I unexpectedly lost my mom the last year she danced, which was also the final year for dance teams as we knew them since in 2019 many NBA and NFL franchises got rid of their traditional dance teams.

B: It's a grace that you two got to share that experience. It must be a beautiful memory to have of your mom.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! It's our honor to be able to help you keep your nausea in check!


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