Women owned travel brands including the Barrier Method and Blisslets Nausea Relief Bracelets

Top 4 Women-Owned Travel Brands

Girls Love Travel

When I met Jo Heitz earlier this year and was first introduced to the group Girls Love Travel, I knew I wouldn't soon forget it. She told me they had just taken a group of one hundred-some women on an expedition to Antarctica, and this was just one of many such adventures that GLTers were planning all over the globe.

Their travels have also taken these travel-loving ladies to Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, Iceland, Egypt, and Havasupai Falls, with additional trips to Brazil, Finland and Egypt on the horizon.

Antarctica Women Travel

I was excited, therefore, when she asked to include Blisslets Nausea Relief Bracelets as one the top 4 Girls Love Travel picks of women-owned travel brands, alongside other great brands such as The Barrier Method (not what you think it is), Walter+Ray (ultra functional, space-saving travel gear), and Big Skinny (skinny, durable, lightweight wallets, card cases, bags and travel goods). Check out the full article to support women-owned businesses and find some great travel items for your next expedition, with GLT's 15% off code!

Top Women Owned Travel Businesses--The Barrier Method



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