Top 5 Uncrowded Beaches for a Socially-Distanced Getaway

Top 5 Uncrowded Beaches for a Socially-Distanced Getaway

With travel still restricted, is it possible to enjoy a summer getaway? Taking a road trip to an uncrowded beach (don't forget a pair of Blisslets to keep the car ride nausea-free!) is a great option for those who are feeling the wanderlust, but want to keep socially-distanced! ⁠

Ready to grab your swimsuit, towel, and Blisslets? Here's our list of top uncrowded beaches in the US.

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Blisslets Top 5 Uncrowded US Beaches

Before getting to the list, a warning: check for the latest travel restrictions and possible site closures before leaving. Also, while experts have classified uncrowded beaches as low risk for COVID-19, keep in mind that if travel requires contact with others at hotels, restaurants, etc., you may be exposing yourself and others to the virus. This may be the perfect time to rent an RV or camper van from a site like

Sandbridge Virginia beach

1) Sandbridge Beach, Virginia 

Fifteen miles south of crowded Virginia Beach, this lovely beach is not only uncrowded but also gives you an opportunity to explore the marshes and open waters of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, or enjoy nature at False Cape State Park.⁠

2) North Padre Island, Texas 

Not to be confused with touristy South Padre Island, this beach and National Seashore park allows you access to miles and miles of beach, where you can park on the sand and camp overnight while you fall asleep to the sound of the waves.⁠

3) Duck, North Carolina

This beach in the Outer Banks is uncrowded, pristine, and can be reached by car, so no need to get into a crowded boat.⁠ There are no hotels, which keeps most tourists away, but you can find houses to rent.

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4) Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

You don't need to get on a boat either to get to this island, which has been voted one of "America's Ten Most Romantic Beaches."⁠

5) Enderts Beach, California 

Hidden away in California’s Redwood National Park, you won't find a more secluded beach than Enderts. On this 37-mile coastline stretch, you'll find giant trees, hiking trails, and dramatic views to satisfy all your longings for travel.⁠

Whatever your plans, whether staying home or getting away, we hope you will have a fun, safe, nausea-free summer.

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