Top 6 Ideas for Memorial Day 2020 (Plus One Great Sale)

Top 6 Ideas for Memorial Day 2020 (Plus One Great Sale)

House with flags for memorial day

This Memorial Day, like so many things in 2020, promises to be an unusual one, but you can have a memorable (and nausea-free!) celebration with this list of great activities and recipes that are still appropriate in times of social distancing.

Deck Your House in Red, White, and Blue

Want to go beyond putting up the flag this year? Gather the family for some crafting time with this great list of 25 DIY decorating ideas for Memorial Day


Honor fallen veterans who have served our country (and front-line healthcare workers who have died in the pandemic) with a prayer. Think about their sacrifice by watching a thematically-appropriate movie or reading a Memorial Day poem from those included in this well-picked list of classics.


Not being able to host a big cookout is no reason not to grill. Our friend the Dizzy Cook has a mouthwatering recipe for Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce that is friendly for people who struggle with motion sickness due to vestibular disorders such as migraine. We're getting hungry just by looking at the pictures!

Mix a Summery Cocktail (or Mocktail!)

Here are two refreshing options for drinks depending on whether alcohol triggers your nausea or not. For those going alcohol-free, this Pear Mojito Mocktail from The Dizzy Cook seems like the perfect drink to kick off the summer. On the other hand, if you're looking for something a little stronger, I love this super-easy and refreshing wine and Campari cocktail that tastes like ruby red juice:

  • Mix 3 parts Reisling wine, 2 parts orange juice, and 1 part Campari in a pitcher.
  • Chill for one hour and serve over ice with a lemon twist.

Support a Small Business

Small businesses are not only crucial to a country's economic health, but also give it an element of uniqueness and vibrancy that large corporations can't equal. Unfortunately, many are seriously threatened by the current downturn. Take advantage of Memorial Day Sales while supporting your favorite small businesses. Blisslets is offering a flash 30% off sale through Memorial Day with code THANKFUL30. 

Camping by a lake

Try a Fun (and Safe!) Outing

A pair of epidemiologists from the University of Chicago and Ohio State have put together a handy list of 14 summer activities, rated by risk of infection. While they list various indoor activities as "high risk," the good news is that popular choices like camping or going to the beach are in the clear! (Note that the risk varies depending on the particular context and what precautions you are taking.) See the full list here.

With all these options, whether you stay indoors or venture out, we hope you'll have a great Memorial Day and start your summer off on the right foot!

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