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Travel Weekly Asks: What's New, What's Hot? Answer: Blisslets

Couple on cruise ship with Blisslets nausea relief bands


For frequent travelers, cruise aficionados, and globe trotters of all kinds, staying healthy is a must—but if you can do it while looking stylish at the same time, even better. It's no surprise then that Travel Weekly has selected Blisslets as one of the hottest new travel products for January 2019.

We're intrigued by their other picks as well, such as the Jiobit Location Tracker for Children (because backpack leashes are so 2018...) and the Bluffworks Quilted Travel Vest (even fits under Spirit Airline seats!).


Whether you're traveling by sea, air, or land, nausea can ruin a tripbut Blisslets acupressure nausea relief bracelets work within minutes to stop nausea in its tracks. Keep them in your carry-on or one of those oh-so-many travel vest pockets so you're ready for anything.