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Acupressure Helps With VR Motion Sickness, Too.

Acupressure bands aren't just for nauseated travelers and moms with morning sickness. If you are into virtual reality gaming, you and those pregnant mamas and queasy road-trippers likely have something in common: the experience of suddenly feeling hot and clammy, woozy in the head, and the urge to vomit. 



VR games mess with our bodies' sense of equilibrium because our eyes tell our brains we're moving in certain ways, while our limbs tell our brains something different. Thankfully, acupressure on the P6 point—such as that provided by Blisslets—can help relieve these feelings of nausea brought about by virtual reality displays. We were thrilled to be able to partner with BMF (the unofficial home of all things Oculus Quest) to give you 5 different ways you can fight nausea while still enjoying VR.

While some of these tips really only apply to gamers (running in place!) some apply across the board for all types of nausea (pocket fan, anyone?) Try several of these tips together (don't forget your Blisslets) for the quickest relief next time nausea hits.