Why I Ditched my Old Nausea Bands and Launched Blisslets

Why I Ditched my Old Nausea Bands and Launched Blisslets

Blisslets founder Katie Aparicio tells the embarrasing story of how a colleague's remark led her to create the first line of acupressure nausea wrist bands that look like beautiful jewelry:

I'm going to share with you one of my most embarrassing moments so you don't have to go through the same.

When I was expecting for the first time, I had terrible morning sickness. I found that one of the only things that helped was wearing acupressure wrist bands. Unfortunately, the only ones on the market at that time were these ugly ones that looked like sweat bands. I wore them all the time, though, because I found that they did work.

One day, before I was ready to share the news of my pregnancy with my coworkers, I wore them to the office—hidden, so I thought, underneath my suit coat. At some point during the day, though, I stretched out my arm and a male colleague saw them. He called out, loudly enough for everyone to hear: "Hey, I didn't know you were pregnant!"

The bands were just so obvious! I thought at that moment: "Why couldn't they make these to look like regular jewelry?"

That's where the idea for Blisslets was born. I wanted to create a product that would be a joy to wear, one that made you feel beautiful, one that felt good against your skin, and one that, of course, worked to relieve your nausea without letting the rest of the world know how you're feeling.

Blisslets use the same clinically proven acupressure technique already trusted by millions of nausea sufferers. The difference is in our materials and design. Blisslets are made from the softest, stretchiest elastics, so they feel good no matter what your wrist size. They come in a variety of styles for men and women. So whether you're headed to the office, to the beach, or out to dinner, they'll go with your outfit.

Fight nausea. Look great. Get your Blisslets today!

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